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Bringing ritual back to ancient sites, enchantment back to modern cities and magical play back into your life.

The Invitation

What if you could see the British Museum not as a lifeless storehouse but as a living sacred temple?


What if your walk in a local park isn't just a stroll for fresh air but an experience of deep re-connection with mother nature, an experience leaving you unaccountably happy?

What if we could radically deepen our intimate connection with everything in our environment, including ourselves and our families again?


Sacred Pathways provides transformational journeys into your everyday reality; from pilgrimages to sacred sites in the UK, to online courses in your own home;

from retreats at our Heart Centre in Devon to nine day epic journeys into Ancient Egypt and South Africa.


Once you experience this profound encounter with life as it can be lived, you will never see the world the same way again.

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About Us

Helping you find your Sacred Pathway

By leading unique experiences in museums, galleries, sacred sites and parks, Kai and Kivare bring them to life in surprising and original ways. Using guided visualisations, teaching heart-based mindfulness and allowing people to be playful in the way they interact with their world lets their individual sacred pathways emerge. Once in situ, holding a tree or closing your eyes in front of the statue of a goddess, guided visualisations bring you into direct connection with the spirit of the object and place.

Most of us have forgotten that by interacting dynamically with our environment, like we did as children, by being in a conscious intuitive relationship with those around us, we can remember we are all magicians co-creating this reality together.


As intuitive healers we download unique visualisations from Spirit for every gathering or workshop and weave our voices with sound baths to transport you into altered states of consciousness. 

Trained as shamanic practioners, we draw on drumming, trance, animal totemry, ancestral spirit calling, journeying, talisman creation and star seeding to help you enter into ceremony and ritual.

Our participants maintain connection with us and each other way beyond our initial meeting. We are a community hub, an alternative heart family, united by our desire to heal each other and the planet.

We have a particularly potent connection to the sacred: stone circles, ancient temples, holy wells, and statues of gods and godesses are all brought to life by the dynamic way we interact with them

Kivare Foster

Kivare is an artist and psychoshamanic intuitive. He has spent the past 5 years initiating himself onto the healing path, culminating in a practice that alchemises psychotherapeutic, shamanic, artistic and intuitive acts that heal and transform.


He fuses his healing and artistic worlds together through divination, the practice of revealing information that is not consciously known. He practices traditional methods such as Tarot, but has gone on to develop other unique and creative ways of divining through forging intuitive connections with art, artefacts and sacred landscapes around Britain. 


Initiated by Kai on Imbolc inside the Avebury Stones Kivare has developed a unique relationship with the Avebury Temple Complex, Dartmoor, Devon, and Hampstead Heath. He has experienced that these landscapes contain Spirits of Place within the earth, trees, water, stones and animal beings that form a magikal community within them. 


Through his shamanic training he has developed a deepened understanding of how ceremony and ritual can act as key marking points of transformation on all levels of the human being. He facilitates and helps to create communal ceremony as well as divining and prescribing psycho-shamanic acts for individuals to heal themselves with.

Kai Reich

Kai is a psychic and intuitive healer who has been following a committed spiritual path for 22 years. He spent 12 years training at The College of Psychic Studies, specialising in chakra crystal healing, psychometric readings and star seed activations.


Throughout this time he has also taken people on experiential weekends to stone circles all over Britain including Callanish and Machrie in Scotland, Scorhill on Dartmoor and the Rollrights near Oxford. He has evolved a special relationship with the Avebury Temple in Wiltshire where he has spent eight weekends a year for the past two decades in deep ritual.


In addition he has developed a profoundly intimate knowledge of and relationship to Ancient Egyptian Magik after travelling many times to Egypt as both a participant in Spiritual groups as well as a facilitator of them and has incorporated a unique working practice into his daily corporate life.


For the past four years he has been running large workshops in a variety of different locations, from corporate boardrooms to members clubs like Home House and Soho Farmhouse and from Hampstead Heath to the Temples of Egypt.

“I met Kai and Kivare over a year ago and have since attended several of their workshops and retreats. A great deal of what I needed to sort out was corporate-world related mess, where things had become overwhelming, political and frustrating. Kai and Kivare's teachings gave me clarity on what was really important to me, helped me refocus my attention and efforts on what I wanted to manifest and achieve in my career and I emerged with a new-found energy, positive outlook and sense of power that I had never experienced before in my life. With their help and guidance I have become the intentional architect of my own work and personal life.”

Gentiana Nasi

Head of Strategy and Innovation, Adobe