These are the longer trips, lasting from two to nine days. They are pre-arranged and advertised on the Sacred Pathways WhatsApp group (email to join) but can also be created, bespoke to suit a private group's needs and timetables.


Inner Child

Weave your own story a shamanic retreat for our inner children. Working with Forest Magick, Hamaima, Kai and Kivare.
Fri Jan 8th at 3pm -
Mon Jan 12th at 11am

How To Summon Your Twin Flame

A Valentine New Moon Pilgrimage.
11th-14th February

Right Of Passage Initiation for Men

Spend Imbolc  with us on (Jan 30th-Feb 1st) in Dartmoor doing a deep shamanic initiation as a right of passage into adulthood
Tomb of Ramose

Ancient Egyptian Magic

A nine day trip to the most powerful sites of Egypt, following the sacred chakra temples along the Nile and Giza plateau, including the Red and Bent pyramids and Serapeum. 
March 14th - 22nd (2021)

Cradle of Civilisation

A seven day meditative trip to the cradle of civilisation in South Africa. Visit the world's oldest stone circle, do rituals with African medicine elders and visit the caves where human life began. a life changing trip to help you remember who you are.
Elephant in Wild



These are Kai and Kivare's single day offerings, from two to nine hours in length. They guide every workshop in person and each workshop is pre-arranged and advertised on the their Sacred Pathways WhatsApp Group (contact us to join). The workshops can also all be booked as bespoke sessions for private groups (contact us for more info).







Lunar Craters

One on One

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Tarot Reading

A ritual practice to read the current energy signature of your personal universe bringing your life into consciousness. Often culminating in a prescribed psycho-shamanic act.

Ancient Egyptian Chakra Activation

An intensive magickal ninety minute activation of all eleven of your 'large body' chakras, using the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, hermetic oils and sacred chants

Inner Child

Time Travel

An intensive 2 hour journey into your deepest emotional body to uncover core negative imprints and transforming them forever.
Feet in Water

Star Seed Activation

Learn how to activate your pineal gland and call forth your star being ancestors, incorporating them into your daily life. Discover where you truly come from and how to draw on that to help you become who you truly are

Online Courses

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