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The British Museum

A Sacred World Temple

The British Museum houses some of the most powerful sacred objects in the world, including huge statues of gods and goddesses from ancient temples across the globe and implements used in magic rituals. It is their belief that all these objects contain the power they were originally imbued with, an energy that can still be tapped into and drawn upon. They spend many days 'in conversation' with the Spirits of these beings, downloading bodies of work which they then take participants through.


Open Heart Surgery


Using Quan Yin, Ganesha and Hanuman to open your heart they draw on various Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses to purify, strengthen, protect and rebuild a wounded or broken heart. 

Awakening Your  Warrior

Beginning with the Egyptian Lioness Sekhmet and the Alchemist John Dee's scrying mirror, they use the Mesoamerican Gods of the Mayan and Inca civilisations to move through the chakras in order to ignite your Kundalini and re-awaken your Warrior Self


Calling Forth Your Ancestors

An ancestral chakra activation that begins by invoking the Lemurian energies of Easter Island and the Maori before moving through the continent of Africa, cradle of civilisation, to call in your ancestral powers, from within all seven chakras.

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