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Guided Visualisation

Kai and Kivare have a unique approach to both creating and using guided visualisations. They co-create and record together all of their visualisations after tuning in to Spirit first and downloading imagery and information specific to the workshop they are running. This always draws on current astrology as well as the Spirits of the Place where they are doing the work. They then weave their own hypnogogic voices and a variety of instruments together to create powerful soundscapes for each journey. They also both produce unique shamanic sounds including bird language to deepen the experience. Participants often get to listen to the visualisations on headphones in natural settings as intense and intimate ways of interacting with Spirits of Place.

Shamanic Practice

Kai and Kivare are both shamanic practitioners, drawing on years of training to facilitate participants on journeying into altered states of consciousness. They incorporate drumming, rattles, trance, chanting, animal totemry, animal guides, ancestral summoning and talismanic art in order to help people go on vision quests to find out who they truly are. They draw on African, South and North American, Norse as well as Celtic Pagan shamanic practices to access states of ecstatic connection. They then weave them together with cutting edge modern techniques, such as psycho-therapy and psychometry, to create unique alchemical psychomagical acts.

Community Spirit

Kai and Kivare believe in the vital importance of finding your heart family or star tribe: those like-hearted, like-spirited people with whom you feel instantly at home with and around whom you can effortlessly express your authentic self. The containers they create for the work they do are all about helping people feel safe to become vulnerable as that's when the greatest healing can occur. They also believe in maintaining and sustaining community beyond the workshops and they frequently arrange social and festival gatherings for their participants to meet each other and play together.

Sacred Sites

Sacred Objects

Kai and Kivare believe everything is sentient, that the stones in stone circles are Beings who can be interacted with; that the statues of Gods and Goddesses in museums still contain the spirits they were built to hold; that rivers, lakes, forests and the ocean are alive with magic; that all these energies can communicate with you when you remember how. They are experts at teaching these forgotten ways and opening the secret doorways to hidden worlds.

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