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Gaian Heart Centre

Dartmoor, Devon 

Gaian Heart Centre

Healing in the Heart of Dartmoor

Our very own piece of paradise and permanent new home: a 500 year-old refurbished converted barn and cottage nestled in 18 acres of wild woodland, meadows and orchards. It is a haven for wildlife, including deer and badgers, and an astonishing array of birds. With firepits, an outdoor yoga platform and large workshop space, it's only a 20 min drive from both Exeter train station and the Scorhill, Fernworthy and Grey Wethers Stone Circles, one of the most powerful and least explored temple complexes in the world. Surrounded on all sides by Dartmoor, the oldest National Park in Britain with an 8000 year old wood at its centre and the largest concentration of Bronze Age remains in the country - a land of deep and abiding mystery and magic.

Sleeps up to 20 

Housed in a recently converted thatched roof barn with two fully equipped kitchens, three bathrooms,  laundry room and large dining area. Bedroom options include single, double and four person occupancy.

Private Rooms

Two rooms adjoining the worksop space. Used either as bedrooms for participants or treatment spaces, with their own bathrooms. Additional private rooms in main cottage house for facilitators.

Workshop Space

A large comfortable carpeted room with views overlooking the centre's fields and the Teign Valley. Additionally there is a large dining room that can also be used as a break out room.

18 acres of private land

Including ancient woodland, fruit and nut orchards, a sacred fire pit, 3 large fields and an outdoor yoga platform.