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Shooting Star

Star Seed Activation

A journey to meet the star beings who brought you here and watch over you still

Not everyone believes we come from the stars, even though every atom and molecule in our body was once born there. Kai spent many years being taught a hybrid of cutting edge and ancient technologies to connect you to your star tribe ancestors. This session will reveal to you where you come from, and which star being lineages have helped you remain here, still supporting your evolution now. Owning this knowledge again will give you deep insight into: patterns of behaviour you can acknowledge, change or amplify; why some people have emerged as either ally or foe for you in this lifetime and how you can transmute that energy in an instant; how to call forth star energy to help you change career so you can begin to do the work you were put on Earth to do. Finding your soul purpose is the gateway to freedom and joy.

Star Cluster
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