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Weave Your Own Story: Inner Child with Hamaima, Kai and Kivare

in our Heart Centre, Devon

Join us for this three day retreat in the Gaian Heart Centre, a brand new retreat complex on the edge of Dartmoor.

This will be a deep but gentle dive into your subconscious realm, where you can compassionately understand and make peace with your Inner child wounding. 

We will learn to allow and accept our emotions rather than suppressing them or going into the victim mentality. 

Recognise your emotions as an energy that simply want to express itself, let your inner children be your guides and let them know that everything is welcome and loved. 

We will come together in sacred circle amongst our tribe in order to join our hearts, to create centred peace through connecting to the master plant Cacao (raw chocolate) as well as Forest Medicine.

These medicines will enable us to do deep inner work, let go of grief, unlimited belief systems, old stories, guilt and shame and at the same time learn to be loving and compassionate towards ourselves and others. 

Learn to rewrite your story and create a new empowered future by changing your past. 

Join us on this magical healing three day journey so you can lead your life with courageous hearts.

Included in the retreat is a pilgrimage to ancient sacred sites on Dartmoor where your inner child will connect with Stone and Star Beings.

Hamaima is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spirit Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer with many years of experience in holding   space for classes, workshops, ceremonies and retreats world wide. In her work she combines ancient practices from different spiritual traditions to guide and empower those, who feel drawn to the vibration she carries. Hamaima offers Shamanic Ceremonies through medicine work, ancient womb wisdom, inner child work and sound, that help to reawaken the Sacred Feminine and re-define the Divine Masculine with the aim of bringing forth an increased state of balance and harmony. She guides you in a playful, creative and equally powerful way, so you experience deep healing and at the same time learn simple tools, that will help you remember “who you are”.

Fri Jan 8th at 3pm -
Mon Jan 12th at 11am

Gaian Heart Centre on Dartmoor

£333 pp, all meals and accommodation included.

Payment plan available on request.

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