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Feet in Water

Inner Child

A journey to meet and heal your inner child

Working on the basis that time is fundamentally non linear, Kivare has the ability to create and hold space for your current self to consciously time travel. With his guidance the emboldened, wise warrior aspect of your current adult self can go back in time to  meet your wounded inner child. Once there Kivare has devised a deep cellular journey for both of you to go on, a journey that can profoundly alter the path of your life today. By forgiving your inner child and asking them to forgive you too; by showing them how you can protect and care for them as their future self, a guide that will now watch over them and help them thrive; by getting them to remind you of all the things that made them happy that you've lost touch with you will re-create a living, timeless bond with this elemental part of your psyche and give yourself permission to become whole again.


Black Water
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