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Imbolc Initiation

in the Avebury Temple

(January 30th to February 2nd)

In our Western cultures and lifestyles we have almost completely lost, or turned our backs on, the ancient ceremonies our ancestors used to practise, to mark their right of passage into adulthood. Which has left most of us bereft, without the skills and sense of community adults from indigenous cultures still revere and instil through their own coming of age rituals. Dartmoor has been a site of exactly this type of ritual for at least five thousand years and is one of the main reasons it existed. Kai and Kivare have created a wholly unique initiation that draws on both the ancient techniques, downloaded by them from the Spirits of Place, as well as cutting edge psycho-shamanic tools. They shepherd a single individual through a life changing process to reclaim and own their powers and responsibilities as a an adult, no matter what age they now are. An ideal gift, especially for someone who seems to have it all, yet is still missing something key in the very heart of themselves.

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