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Tarot Reading

with Kivare

50 minute readings on Zoom or from Kivare's home in Gospel Oak.

To create a divination act is to read the current energy signature of a universe, if reading for an individual it is the universe as it relates to them. Kivare throws cards, or other materials such as feathers, bones, shells and leaves in order to co-create (with spirits guides and ancestors) a symbolic map that works to uncover that which is currently unconscious within you or the situation you're in. Once potentials, patterns, blockages are uncovered he works with the individual to process and feel into what's best for them to do. Uncovering all possible futures in this way allows a person to then choose consciously a path they desire and what they must do in order to follow it. Often from these personal sessions he draws upon all of his experience and knowledge to offer unique Psychoshamanic acts, meditations and topics for an individual to go away and experience, as well as an image or symbol to work with.


“You can feel the intention, talent and ceremony Kivare brings to readings - his presence feels very wise, yet with a lightness that's so welcoming. He shared insights that were deeply relevant to my life on many levels, and opened the space for synchronicities that drew my attention to what was calling to me and some potential inner blocks. Amazing messenger and guide - thank you and aho brother!”

Sue Allport

Writer and Intuitive Healer

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