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Online Courses

5 Unique Adventures Online

Available From January 2021

For those who can't make their workshops and pilgrimages in person, as well as those who wish to go deeper into their work following a live event, Kai and Kivare are creating a series of online courses:

- How to Summon Your Twin Flame

- Following Your Tarot

- How to Activate your Star Seed Connection

- How to Time Travel to rescue your Inner Child

- How to Embody your Past Life as an Ancient Egyptian Magician

- How to Navigate the Madness of Corporate Life

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In Love

How To Summon Your Twin Flame

Kai and Kivare used exactly the same magic tools to summon each other while they lived on the opposite sides of the planet, something they discovered when they finally found each other again. They share these practices, rituals and exercises here, as a weekly workbook over 6 weeks, so you too can summon your twin flame into your life. If you are done with being alone or with experiencing another relationship workshop that soulmates always seem to bring, and instead feel it is time for you to finally have a being by your side who has your back, who stands in their own power and wants nothing more than for you to do the same, then this course is for you.

How To Navigate The Madness of Corporate Life

Kai spent twenty seven years of his life working in the corporate world of television. He navigated his way to the very top of some huge institutions and ran his own successful production company. Throughout most of that time he also followed a spiritual path and began to incorporate teachings and practices from that world to help him navigate the other better. Through lengthy trial and error he has devised a range of exercises that can help you have a far more fulfilling, creative and joyful life whilst still walking those corridors of power, from 'How to have brainstorms that really work' to 'How to Wake up looking forward to work instead of dreading it'. A ten week course with daily exercises.







Finding The Tarot Together

A creative exploration into the World of Tarot, especially suited to beginners! This workshop is for anyone who feels drawn to the images of the Tarot and have a curiosity to find out more about them. You'll discover and play with these powerful, ancient symbols and archetypes which have powers waiting to enrich your life!

You’ll start with an introduction on how Tarot is traditionally worked with and the ways in which Kivare has adapted that to his own style. You’ll then use some exercises to open your heart before exploring Tarot through a series of facilitated activities designed to initiate your own direct and personal relationship with the cards.

Tarot is traditionally a form of divination, allowing a reader to create a space to bring light and consciousness to any situation. However now people are discovering its versatility as a book of life which can change and improve your relationship to art, meditation, ceremony and even your place in the world! With your collaboration, the possibilities are endless!

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