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Lunar Eclipse

New and Full Moon Meditations

How to Manifest your Dreams using the power of the Moon

Kai and Kivare live their lives on a lunar cycle. For the few days before every new moon they spend time meditating on what they really wish to see and have in their worlds. Then, on the night of the new moon itself, they plant the seeds of those desires during a group ritual. It always centres around a guided visualisation  which they create specifically for each new moon, drawing on its unique astrology as well as responding to events occurring in the collective field at the time. On a daily basis after that, they tune in to the ways in which the waxing, returning Moonlight is 'watering' these seeds. This then culminates in a group gratitude ritual where they celebrate the manifestation of your desires, which roots and grounds them in your lives. Again this work centres around guided visualisation, unique to each full moon's aspects.

Lunar Craters
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