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How To Summon Your Twin Flame

A Full Moon Pilgrimage in Devon

11th - 14th February

Kai and Kivare host a 2 day intensive workshop to rekindle your kundalini and balance your masculine and feminine energies as a means of summoning your twin flames into your lives and preparing our heart-mind-bodies for their arrival. The work will involve visits to the Scorhill Stone circles, rebirthing ceremonies and baptisms at Kestor basin and the Tolmen River Stone and will climax dancing under the New Moon around our sacred fire pit.


The work will also include:

- Forgiveness rituals to clear out past relationship karma that may be holding you back or shutting you down.

- Past life regressions to clear out ancestral relationships karma that may be dictating negative patterns of behaviour

- Burning objects that represent what no longer serves you in sacred fire

- Awakening your serpent dragon energy in all 9 chakras

- An intensive journey to meet your true inner child

- A soul connection journey to find the essence of who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner.

- Tarot card readings and divination to bring clarity regarding your twin flame

- Learning your own divination techniques to find them

- Guided tree, well and stone being meditations to ground your energies and conjure your twin flames from the root of ALL.

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