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Sacred London 

An 8 hour tour of the hidden mysteries of Ancient London

Kai and Kivare introduce you to some of the most potent yet least well known sacred sites of London. These include: the ‘Ear of God’ and ‘Wounded’ trees on Hampstead Heath; St Pancras Old Church, oldest site of Christian worship in Europe; the Totteridge Yew, oldest tree in London, standing since the time of Christ; the Dragon Bridge of Old Holborn, epi-centre of Dragon Energy in Britain and Cleopatra's Needle, a 3 500 year old Ancient Egyptian obelisk that overlooks all of London's seats of power, for good reason. At each location you will learn how to approach the Spirits of these sites, doing powerful ritual together, in a dialogue that will both re-connect you to the power they hold as well as transform your own energetic body in the process.

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